Richard Edgington (about 1760 - 1831)

This part of the story is yet to be proven to my satisfaction but there is an interesting story to be mentioned here.

Thomas Edgington (I) was a china maker and the best match for his baptism makes his father Richard Edgington. Its likely that if this was the case (to be proven) that Richard would also be a china maker. I wrote to The Museum of Worcester Porcelain some years ago and they kindly responded:

Fortunately certain records have survived from the early porcelain factories in Worcester. However they are by no means comprehensive. The only Edgington we have on record for the early 19th century is Richard Edgington. He is listed in the Worcester City records as an apprentice of Humphrey Chamberlain. He lived in King Street (next door to the Chamberlain factory) and completed his seven year apprenticeship, becoming a Freeman of the City on 19 Jan 1818.

Its more likely that the Richard Edgington mentioned above is the son of our Richard Edgington but the link with the name & occupation is interesting and may be significant. With a few more pieces of the puzzle we might be able to put an interesting story together here that links in to the history of Worcester Porcelain.