Thomas Edgington the Shoemaker (about 1830-after 1884)

Baptised at St. Peter’s in Worcester the son of Thomas Edgington and his wife Mary.

Thomas married Ann Oliver at St. George’s in Birmingham just three months prior to their son's birth in 1851.

Rather confusingly later census returns indicate that he came originally from Worcester. Their exile in Birmingham probably has to do with the birth of their son (also Thomas) in the same year only a few months after the marriage took place. He is also shown on the 1851 census in Birmingham giving his birthplace as Worcester 20 years previously (1831).

Thomas was mainly a shoemaker throughout his lifetime, although briefly quoted as a labourer early on. Sometime between 1872 and 1881 he became a bookbinder which could be seen as a natural progression. He passed this latter trade on to his son Thomas and possibly his other sons too.

Thomas and Ann had five children, Thomas (our ancestor), Harriet (1857), Harry (1859), George (1861) and Arthur (1867). All of these were alive in 1871.

Ann Oliver had come from Ledbury in Herefordshire being born there in about 1832.