The Edgington Family of Birmingham and Worcester

This family were originally from Worcester. Occupations include china makers, shoemakers and bookbinders. The origins in china making is interesting because it potentially links in with the origins of the well known Worcester Pottery Works in the city. However during living memory bookbinding has been the Edgington trade.

In later years the family moved to Birmingham. The direct line as we know it so far is as follows:

  • Beatrice Edgington, 1908-1988
  • daughter of Frank Edgington, 1877-1950
  • son of Thomas Edgington, the bookbinder, 1851-1902
  • son of Thomas Edgington, the shoemaker, 1830-after 1884
  • son of Thomas Edgington, the china maker, before 1787 to after 1851
  • (son of Richard Edgington, possibly also china maker, about 1760-1831)

I put the last one in parentheses for the moment because this is certainly work in progress as far as research goes.

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